angle-left EuSecure
Short Description:

The main objective of the EUSECURE project is the development of a Simulation Supported Massive Open Online Course (SimMOOC), focusing on key aspects of EU security, resilience and sustainability. The SimMOOC ""Interdisciplinary Training on EU Security, Resilience and Sustainability"" covers 15 topics:

  1. EU power (strategic autonomy) in a multipolar world
  2. Megatrends
  3. International governance: multilateral institutions, norms, regimes
  4. Maritime Security
  5. Migration
  6. Cyber security and AI risks
  7. Water security and geopolitics of water
  8. Social media issues and fake news
  9. Sustainability, resilience and development
  10. Climate security
  11. Public health and pandemic management
  12. International Development Cooperation
  13. Humanitarian Aid, Food Security
  14. Critical Infrastructure Resilience
  15. Qualitative research methodologies

The project is developed by a consortium of five European universities: University of Salento (Italy), Ludovika University of Public Service (Hungary), University of Piraeus (Greece), Sapientia Hungarian University of Transylvania (Romania), University Fernando Pessoa (Portugal).The teaching/learning methodology for the above transnational, transdisciplinary, and blended (physical and virtual) modules uses a range of innovative pedagogies.